Bobby Roode talks about just how GLORIOUS he is

May 20, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Bobby Roode talks about just how GLORIOUS he is:

“The character in itself was a form of what you see now, but the ‘Glorious’ thing came about from the song, so it’s been a blessing and a lot of fun. Originally I had a different song. At the time I was waiting for some paperwork to finish up to start here [WWE]. I had a different song that everybody agreed upon, but as I talked more about my character and what I wanted to do here the idea came up to use the song. The song was around in the WWE Library or wherever they keep their songs in the archives so they played it for me and thought that it would match with the character that I wanted to perceive, which was totally different from what I had and what everyone else had, so it was going to go one of two ways; it was either going to suck or be really great, and it’s been really great.”

source: Wrestling Compadres Slamcast podcast

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