This Day In Wrestling History – May 18th

May 18, 2017 - by Bill Fenbers

1970Boris Malenko defeats Mil Mascaras, in a tournament final, to win the NWA American Heavyweight Championship.

1973Blackjack Mulligan defeats Jose Lothario, to win the NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship.

1984Gino Hernandez defeats Jimmy Garvin, to win the NWA/WCCW American Heavyweight Championship.  Some records indicate that the title change occurred, but the actual match was a phantom match that did NOT occur.

1996 – On this evening’s WCW Worldwide, Dean Malenko defeats Shinjiro Otani, to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

1997 – WCW Slamboree is held in Charlotte, NC in front of 9,643 fans.

Dark Matches:
Yuji Nagata defeats Pat Tanaka.
The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) defeat Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray & Booker T).

Lord Steven Regal defeats Ultimo Dragon, via submission, to win the WCW World Television Championship.
Madusa defeats Luna Vachon.
Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeats Yuji Yasuraoka.
Glacier defeats Mortis (with James Vandenberg), via disqualification.
Dean Malenko defeats Jeff Jarrett (with Debra), to retain the WCW United States Championship.
Meng defeats Chris Benoit in a Death Match
The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) defeat Hugh Morrus & Konnan (with Jimmy Hart).
Steve McMichael (with Debra McMichael) defeats Reggie White (with Kent Johnston).
– In a Six Man Tag Team Match, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, & Kevin Greene defeat The nWo (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, & Syxx).

1998 – In the Monday Night Wars, WWF RAW IS WAR (5.3 TV rating) beats WCW Monday Nitro (2.51 rating).  Nitro was only a one-hour show due to TNT’s NBA coverage that evening.

2000 – On SmackDown, Gerald Brisco pins Crash Holly (sleeping in the backstage area), to become the new WWF Hardcore Champion.

2002 – Davey Boy Smith, better known as The British Bulldog, dies after suffering a heart attack.  He was 39 years old.  During his time in the WWF he won the Tag Team, European, and Hardcore Championship twice each;  he also had one reign as Intercontinental Champion.

2003 – WWE Judgement Day is held in Charlotte, NC in front of 13,000 fans.

Sunday Night Heat:
The Hurricane defeats Steven Richards.
– In a Six Mant Tag Team Match, John Cena and The FBI (Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo) defeat Spanky, Rhyno, & Chris Benoit.
La Resistance (Rene Dupree & Sylvain Grenier) defeat Test & Scott Steiner (with Stacy Keibler).
– In a Ladder Match, Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri defeat Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin), to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Christian wins an 8-Man Battle Royal, last eliminating Booker T, to win the vacant Intercontinental Championship.
Torrie Wilson defeats Sable in a Bikini Challenge.
Mr. America (with Zach Gowen) defeats Roddy Piper (with Sean O’Haire).
Kevin Nash defeats Triple H via disqualification, Triple H retains the World Heavyweight Championship.
– In a Fatal 4-Way Match, Jazz (with Theodore Long) defeats Trish Stratus, Victoria (with Steven Richards), and Jacqueline, to retain the WWE Women’s Championship.
Brock Lesnar defeats The Big Show, in a Stretcher Match, to retain the WWE Championship.

2005Jeff Hardy is officially suspended by TNA, after no-showing the Sacrifice pay-per-view a few days earlier.

2007 – WWE released several performers from their contracts:  developmental talent Angel Williams, Scotty 2 Hotty, Sprit Squad member Mitch, and ECW diva Ariel.  Ariel was released after a backstage argument with Batista, regarding his relationship with Melina.

2008 – WWE Judgement Day is held in Omaha, Nebraska, in front of 11,324 fans.

Dark Match:
Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeat Santino Marella & Carlito, to retain the World Tag Team Championship.
John Cena defeats John “Bradshaw” Layfield.
John Morrison & The Miz defeat Kane & CM Punk, to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Shawn Michaels defeats Chris Jericho.
– In a Triple Threat Match, Mickie James defeats Beth Phoenix and Melina, to retain the WWE Women’s Championship.
The Undertaker defeats Edge via countout, however the World Heavyweight Championship remains vacant.
Jeff Hardy defeats MVP.
Triple H defeats Randy Orton in a Steel Cage Match, to retain the WWE Championship.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO:  ECW Hardcore Hall of Famer The Blue Meanie (44 years old);  3-time IWGP Tag Team Champion & 2-time GHC Tag Team Champion Toru Yano (39 years old);  former WWWF Tag Team Champion Gino Brito ( 76 years old);  former WWF Hardcore Champion Cynthia “Bobcat” Lynch (46 years old);  and current Wrestle-1 Trios Champion / new President of Wrestle-1 Kaz Hayashi (44 years old).

Today would’ve been the 74th birthday for WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka;  the 54th birthday for 2-time AJPW World Tag Team Champion Gary Albright;  and the 68th birthday for former WWF Tag Team Champion Moondog King.

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