Jeff Jarrett shares his thoughts on television ratings

May 14, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Jeff Jarrett has a theory about ratings:

“Nielsen and everybody else, technology is a true metric. To me, it’s more of an exact science, which you have one box that covers X amount of homes, whether they watched it or not, but when we get into further and further into the digital age with DVR, YouTube, our website. I was in a meeting this morning and since March 1st our website numbers are up 161% and it’s not a maybe or a guess, it’s a let me show you so I think we are in a transition period and I think the advertisers from 18-24 months ago have now really taken a hard look and said, okay, this isn’t hypothetical, this is real and we are in a process to combine everything, because linear is one sabermetrics, digital is another, plus the social media stuff, which can really put things into a tailspin and you say, okay I’m going to send out a message and this stuff is going to get out, whether you Tweet it and then it gets picked up with all the talent, with other sites and all that, so it’s not an easy thing to wrap your head around and simply goes above my pay rate but it’s something that in the media, like I said, 18-24 months ago didn’t want to pay attention to but now they have to.”

source: Wrestling Compadres

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