Do WWE wrestlers walk around on egg shells?

May 11, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

On Steve Austin’s podcast, Shane McMahon was asked if WWE wrestlers walk around on eggshells:

“I’m sure there’s some of that. The freedom to kind of try things is limited. You can try them out more on house shows. As you know, when you try certain things you can see whether they work or don’t work. When it comes to TV, there’s a certain finite of the amount of time that you have. We go back to what we were speaking of originally about telling a good story. It’s hard to tell a good story in formats, so you either have to cut elements out and go right to the heat, or whatever story you have coming out, how is that story pushing into next week, or building the story enough where you have the time to tell it and pay per view, so that’s a big distinction. I think a lot of guys also, again, with the Shane McMahon territory days drying up, they never had the ability to go try it somewhere else so they don’t know. It’s like trying out for Football; you go out and play Sandlot Football and you think, oh this is pretty good, but then you play more organized Football in High School and then you get knocked out, you start thinking, wow, this is a lot harder than I imagined. You get to the College level you say to yourself, wow this is a lot more difficult, so there isn’t that maturation process that it used to be, so we’ve had to recreate it and that is what really NXT is now there to be. Even before – with Triple H doing a phenomenal job with a new cast of guys and is really building that territory, with Dusty [Rhodes] prior to him, Triple H has taken it to a whole other level. Prior to that, that is originally what we wanted ECW to be when we purchased it. I wrote a business plan just to be that Triple-A system because we needed guys. Whether they are coming out or coming down, there are certain guys that are peaking, but they can’t stay at the peak forever. As they come down, they start taking that knowledge where we take a kid and get them in the ring, make them feel why they are doing certain things.”

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