Cornette on why WWE never had a War Games match

May 11, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

On a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Corney was asked by a fan why WWE never used the popular match concept.

“The War Games I heard because of production. Kevin Dunn said that it was hard to shoot for television, pay-per-view, or whatever. [It was] hard to follow for people. I actually don’t remember truthfully whether Vince has ever mentioned War Games in my presence or not. Cause it’s always just like a thing like: don’t pitch that, we’re not doing that.”

Co-host Brian Last mentioned he had heard a rumor saying Triple H wanted to bring in the War Games concept a few years ago between evolution and The shield. But it was turned down for production reasons.

“I don’t know […] And I just can’t remember truthfully, it seems to be odd to me that I would have been sitting at [Vince McMahon’s] table for two years and never pitched a War Games to him. And I’m trying to remember if I did and if he gave me a reason why not. It’s just so much stuff. I can’t remember. He apparently don’t like it, or ain’t gonna do it.

source: THE SpoTLight

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