Audio: Steve Austin doesn’t want to act anymore

May 9, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Stone Cold’ Steve Austin guested on AfterBuzz TV’s Lilian Garcia: Making Their Way to the Ring and discussed Roman Reigns, a future visit to NXT, getting fired from the WCW, why he’s done with acting, walking out in 2002, relationship with his family and biological father, scripted promos, the attitude era and much more!

Link to interview on AfterBuzz TV’s YouTube


“All the stuff that I’m doing now is like passion projects like Broken Skull Challenge I love that show and acting I don’t really care about acting…no because you just, the memorization process, I mean for me to be you know on set you know and going through the paces, and hitting your marks, and doing another take, doing another take, and then someone else’s coverage, I’ve probably done ten to twelve movies and it was fine while we were doing them. You know being on the set is not fun for me, and don’t get me wrong if the right gig came along I would consider doing it I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but people always think just because you came out of wrestling and you did a few movies like oh man you need to do more movies, well it depends on you know, I don’t really want to do more movies you know, but people always think this is what you should do. What I should do is what I’m doing.”

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