Steve Austin reveals stunt that nearly killed him

May 5, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

On a recent episode of WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, the former WWE Champion talked about the stunt that nearly killed him. On a 1999 episode of #RAW that saw Austin run over The Rock’s Lincoln Continental with a monster truck, the Texas Rattlesnake revealed how the fumes from the monster truck nearly made him pass out before the show came back in the air:

“It was about a three minutes commercial break, so the whole time the people back home are watching commercials, I’m in a room, inside a truck, breathing methanol/alcohol fumes — I could barely breathe. I was just begging for the show to come back on air so I could charge out in the audience and get a breath of fresh air. I’m breathing all those exhaust fumes, motherf—er, I was going to crash that gate doing 98 [miles per hour] and go and take my own cue and haul ass into the arena, if they hadn’t of cued me when they did — I was about to die.”

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