Bray Wyatt on being being compared to Undertaker

May 5, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Bray Wyatt spoke about being compared to Undertaker:

“For me to be compared to The Undertaker is unbelievable. I’ve been in there with him. I did a WrestleMania against him two years ago. And I did another one against him and Kane. I don’t think if you put us side-by-side and watched our work, they’re not similar. They aren’t. It’s the dark stuff that kind of brings us together that people want to branch us, but the thing is that we are completely different. And I think [pro] wrestling needs that kind of dark entity in it. And I just think that I bring it. I bring it in a completely different way, but it’s still that entity that people need. They need that part of professional wrestling that kind of takes you out of the elements. It’s not two guys in MMA shorts rolling around. It’s magic.”

Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

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