Kenny Omega talks about Seth Rollins using his move

May 3, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with, Kenny Omega commented on Seth Rollins using his move in #WWE:

“If he was inspired by my match to add that to his arsenal, it’s a great compliment,” said Omega. “A finishing move is an important part of one’s character–and sometimes success. So for him, being a top guy in WWE, it’s cool that he chose something that I’d used earlier in the year during my match with Okada. “As for the tweet, a lot of guys don’t know that I used to travel with Rollins all of the time in #ROH.

We never became the closest of friends, but we’re definitely cool with each other and the mutual respect has always been there. If I was legitimately angry, I’d just flat out say so. I’m not one to shy away from speaking my mind.”

Omega also compared WWE to #NJPW:

“That’s a tough question,” explained Omega. “Both companies approach the business a little differently, and thus you’re going to get different types of treatment towards their respective titles. Generally speaking, WWE is show business and there will be times when the belt is nothing but a prop to advance TV storylines.

NJPW likes to use its heavyweight belt to feature its style pro wrestling at the highest level. Matches in New Japan are generally longer and theatrics kept to a minimum. Also, the idea of having a single strong champion goes back years and years and years, and NJPW is very tradition-heavy.”

Source: The SpoTLight

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