Go Fund Me campaign started for a scholarship fund for Rosey’s kids

Apr 28, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

A friend of the mother of Matt “Rosey” Anaoi children has started a go fund me in hopes to set up a scholarship fund for his kids Koa & Madison.

On April 17, 2017 Matt ‘Rosey’ Anoai passed away peacefully.
It was on this day that the lives of his children were forever changed.
Everyone that knew Matt, knew he not only had a big heart, but that his children were his world.

It’s our turn to help shine a father’s love upon Koa & Madison during the most challenging time in their lives…to allow them to continue to feel their Dad’s presence.
For Dad to give Koa his first pair of high school football cleats,
To dress Madison in her senior year Prom dress.
To give them the opportunity to travel to the beach as often as their hearts feel the need to be closer to you.
To help them feel that in some way, you’re still here.

You were loved by so many.
Our hearts are broken, especially for your babies.
But, we know you won’t be far.
You’ll be shining down in the sun rays, you’ll be the rainbow peaking after a summer storm, you’ll send butterflies to the football field for Koa & when Madison finishes her volleyball game…you’ll be the feather that they happen to stumble upon when they’re thinking of you. You’ll be the song that comes on the radio & takes Jordan right back to some of his best childhood memories.
They will feel your hand wipe their tears & the tightness of your hug when they miss you & Mama is hugging them tightly.
Your heart was larger than the Sea & your Spirit was stronger than the waves.
You are greatly missed…and forever will be.
We all love & miss you so much
Sweet Dreams

All proceeds will be placed directly into an account for Koa & Madison
Link below if you wish to donate

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