Chyna’s mother upset, feels daughter is still being disrespected

Apr 24, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

The mother of Chyna is UPSET over the trailer that was released promoting her daughter.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Jan LaQue the mother of Joanie “Chyna” Lauer who says, “I’m furious with how Joanie is still being disrespected, even in her death.”

LaQue explains, “Thursday, on the first anniversary of Joanie’s death, I was completely blindsided with the documentary trailer producers released. Not only did the director release it, and without telling me, but he put in footage at the end showing Anthony (her former manager) going into Joanie’s apartment.”

For those who missed it, the trailer shows manager Anthony Anzaldo appearing to go into Chyna’s apartment to find her dead. Her mother adds, “That’s after telling me on several occasions that the director had heard that Anthony filmed that, but he denied that he ever saw it.”

She continues, “If he suspected that there was a problem, he should have called 911 and let the PD and coroner do their thing and stay out of it. Of course, I’m sure it was just another way to butt his nose into her business and try to make a buck out of it.”

Jan closed by saying, “It was supposed to be about Joanie’s life and her return to a stable situation. Then she died. Now it’s all about the morbidity of the whole thing, her spiral downward, and her eventual death. Joanie would definitely NOT want to happen what is happening. I don’t care what anyone says. I know her better than anyone, and I can say that for sure. Quite frankly, when she died, the whole thing should have been scrubbed.”

Source: THE SpOTLight

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