Foley remembers Chyna

Apr 20, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Mick Foley posted via Facebook:


It has been exactly one year since we lost the “Ninth Wonder of the World”. I have been sitting up in my hospital bed, looking at photos, remembering Joanie, thinking of how lucky I was to have been her friend. I love this photo of Joanie and my daughter Noelle, probably from 1999 – because I think it is symbolic of the beautiful blend of strength and kindness that defined Chyna. She was iconic. She was sweet. She was fragile. She was a nerd. She was my friend. She had the best laugh in the world. RIP Joanie.

You can check out the trailer to her upcoming documentary here
Inside Wrestling Star Chyna’s Tragic Final Months: ‘I Went From a Billion Dollar Commodity to on the Street’

Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite Chyna moment or about Joanie below. Please be nice.

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