Natalya Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder, How The WWE Saved Her

Apr 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck


On SiriusXM’s Conversations With Maria Menounos, WWE’s Natalya opens up about her struggle with an eating disorder, which she recently revealed on Lilian Garcia’s AfterBuzz TV Podcast, “Making Their Way To The Ring”. In the following Clips, Maria is Joined by Natalya and Lilian Garcia.

Natalya Reveals That She Was Inspired By Alexa Bliss To Share Her Eating Disorder
Natalya says she was really impressed by Alexa’s honesty about her eating disorder, especially because she is a heel. Nattie says, “One of the people who made me feel comfortable talking about this was Alexa Bliss…I was like, wow, that’s so brave of her, I don’t know If I could do that”

Natalya Recalls Bursting Into Tears While Looking At An Emaciated Photo Of Herself
“I found this old photo of myself and,I, it literally brought me to tears looking at it…I was like emaciated…I remember not feeling thin enough…And I was so thin, like, you know, girls lose those female functions that they have, I went through all that…my skin was affected, my teeth were affected, because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients.”

Natalya Shares That Her Uncle Bret Was The First Family Member That Confronted Her About Her Eating Disorder
“I remember feeling so hurt by him pulling me aside and confronting me, like, cause I felt like I was bad and I did something wrong… And he wasn’t mad at me, he was just worried about me…Looking back on those times…I’m like, oh my God, I look scary. ”

Find Out How Wrestling Literally Saved Natalya’s Life
“Wrestling really saved me…Because in order for me to wrestle, I couldn’t be skinny, because it hurt.”

Learn The Powerful Advice Beth Phoenix Gave Natalya That Drastically Improved Her Body Image!
Beth Phoenix shared the advice, ‘Anyone can be skinny, but not anyone can be strong’ with Natalya.

Natalya Reveals Her Future Plans To Help Other People Struggling With Eating Disorders!
Natalya reveals she would love to advocate work and raise awareness for men and women struggling with anorexia, excessive working out and bulimia.

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