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Apr 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Bruce Prichard Talks The Undertaker’s Fear Of Cucumbers And Owen Harts’ Pranks being different from today’s JBL’s Pranks

On a recent edition of “Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard” they covered all things Owen Hart (at at least all they could cram into a three-hour podcast). During the podcast they talked about Owen Hart’s legendary pranks or “ribs.”

Bruce talked about how Owen called Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s room at a hotel multiple times claiming he was the front desk threatening to kick him out because his credit card was declined. Duggan kept coming down to the front desk to resolve the issue when they would repeatedly tell him there was no problem he apparently got quite angry.

Prichard told the story of how Owen Hart would let one partner pick him up with ease during a tag match and give the other one dead weight so it was extremely difficult to pick him up. Owen and Davey Boy Smith would then rib the person receiving dead weight that he needed to work out more (Lex Lugar was mentioned as being the victim of that one).

But one of the more interesting ribs Owen Hart would pull concerned The Undertaker. Apparently The Phenom is afraid of cucumbers and Owen Hart knew this. Bruce said if someone just put a cucumber on Taker’s bag it would “freak him out.”

Bruce Prichard and co-host Conrad Thompson talked about how Owen Hart would put cucumbers in The Undertaker’s hat and torment him with the vegetable. Cucumbers might be a great source of vitamin K, but The Undertaker apparently didn’t care.

Bruce said Owen put cucumbers at the bottom of The Undertaker’s drink so when he got to the bottom he would see them and lose his cool as well. Yes, when it came to cucumbers, Taker was never as cool as one.

As the story goes Owen Hart would cut up a cucumber and put slices in The Undertaker’s boot. When Taker first put on his boot he didn’t feel the cucumbers because he was wearing a sock. But, as soon as he felt a squish and inspected what it was he was not having a good time.
The pièce de résistance was when Owen cut up a cucumber and put them in his tights on a night he was wrestling The Dead Man. At one point during their match Owen got Taker on the mat, put all of his weight on The Undertaker in a headlock, pulled out a handful of cucumbers and held them in front of Taker’s face. The Undertaker didn’t want to break character, but he also wanted out of the ring with those cucumbers. Conrad said as the story goes Taker “loses his mind” and jumped out of the ring. Needless to say, he wasn’t a happy man that night. Bruce confirmed that actually happened.

This is a rather topical subject considering the fact that WWE is currently dealing with the bullying situation surrounding JBL and Mauro Ranallo. The Undertaker apparently realized these were “good natured ribs” though and as Conrad put it: “it’s not like flushing someone’s passport down the toilet or some shit like that.”

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