Kane comments on Undertaker’s WrestleMania 33 farewell

Apr 9, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

source: sportskeeda.com

Kane recently appeared at the Middle East Film & Comic Con in Dubai where he participated in an interview with Gulf News. Kane stated in the interview that he was saddened by his the Phenom’s retirement just like all the fans all around the world. The original Demon of the WWE even shed light on his own return.

In regards to The Undertaker’s match against Roman Reigns, Kane said the following:

“(Smiling) Well, Undertaker can take care of himself! We all knew at some point that was inevitable, but nevertheless it’s, sad because for me it’s like a chapter has closed, and I think a lot of WWE fans feel the same way.”

Kane was asked about the possibility of him avenging his kayfabe brother’s retirement, but he chose to ignore the question for some reason.

On his WWE return, Kane dropped an interesting hint:

“That is, as we say in the States, TBD, to be determined. And I wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises if I did know…”

While portrayed as brothers in the WWE, one can imagine that Kane and The Undertaker are very close outside of the wrestling business as well. The connection between Kane and The Undertaker has lived for 20 years now, and they will always be associated with each other.

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