Nikki Bella dishes on her engagement ring and wedding plans

Apr 7, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Millions watched as John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella during WrestleMania, and now Nikki is telling “Extra” all about it, including her massive engagement ring and wedding plans!

The 33-year-old was glowing as she recalled the moment John got down on one knee after their WrestleMania match together. “As I look back and I just said ‘yes’ and I was kissing, holding John and he was like, ‘I didn’t put the ring on you,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, will it fit?’ He’s like, ‘Yes, it will fit,’ and so it was really cute.”

“When I look back at the photos, I’m, like, kissing him he’s still holding the ring and I can’t, like, let him go. I was just so happy that he asked me,” Nikki added.

She admits she never thought he would propose in such a public manner, pointing out, “He’s just a very private person and I love that, so I was like, ‘There’s no way John’s going to propose to me… and then when he did, I was just so lost in his eyes and his words I was in shock.”

While showing off her beautiful Tiffany’s engagement ring, she gushed, “We’ve been together for four-and-half years, so its four-and-half carats and each side has four diamonds. One side represents John and the other represents me and kind of the years we’ve been together, so the four years and when we became one — he designed that, isn’t that sweet?”

“He is so romantic,” she continued. “He doesn’t just give me gifts to give me them, everything has a meaning and is very thoughtful and makes me appreciate so much more.”

And like any newly engaged girl, she is already thinking about her wedding dress! She asked, “Does Chanel make wedding dresses? That would be the dream! I’ve never tried on a wedding dress, ever!” A custom Vera Wang gown could be perfect, too! “For her to specially design one for me? Vera, if you’re watching, hit me up.”

Nikki is hoping the couple can take a traditional honeymoon,. “I would love a honeymoon… When we’ve done vacations, we always go to Napa Valley, and if he can’t get to a WWE live event within five hours, we don’t vacation there. He always has to be on that speed dial. So I would just love a honeymoon that would be out of that five-hour zone, I would love to go to Italy with him, France… so that would be some fun places I would like, but we might end up back in Napa Valley.”

Her maid of honor will definitely be her twin sister Brie, who is due to deliver her first child any day. Children are not in the cards for Nikki and John. She explained, “I have totally accepted that fact that I’m not going to be a mom; he doesn’t want kids and actually, I’m okay with it. I like to be a businesswoman and I want to focus on that and I fully respect John’s decision on why he doesn’t want to be a dad. I found my soulmate, the love of my life, and he makes me so happy and I just want to grow old with him.”

Nikki has plans to take time to rest her neck this summer anyway, but she won’t be wearing her sparkler during matches once she returns to the ring. “Maybe I can hit a finisher with it, I can backhand… No, I’ll never bring this in the ring.”


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