Alberto El Patron goes on a drunk rant, says WWE is filled with “pussies”

Apr 7, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE champion and current TNA star Alberto El Patron posted a long video rant on Periscope targeting WWE and the beauty of it is that he did so while being drunk.

El Patron says that they will get married in June, a wedding which was supposed to happen a week or two ago when the two announced they would be married on the Wednesday of that week.

He then starts attacking Triple H, saying that people who complain behind a keyboard always remind of that that one boss in WWE who as a “big f*cking nose” and is also a “big f*cking pussy.”

El Patron admitted that he was a little bit drunk and like everybody knows, that’s when the “good stuff” comes out. He said Paige will not come back to wrestling until he says so and then changes his version and says that she’s not coming back because she’s pregnant. Both statements were meant to be a joke, or so one would think.

He referred to WWE as a company “filled with pussies” he used to hate New York, but now New York is okay. He was filming this whole train wreck, with Paige by his side, in Times Square. He then said that since they’re close to WWE’s headquarters, he might as well go and knock on someone’s door who he referred to as someone with “big nose with a small dick.”

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