WWE to aid to The Hardy vs. Impact Wrestling

Apr 6, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE is working very closely with Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby Sky, aiding her in the lawsuit filed against her family by #ImpactWrestling, over the “Broken” gimmick.

Meltzer reported that, although WWE has no problem reverting Matt and Jeff back to their “Team Xtreme” personas, they don’t want to give Anthem Sports any money and are doing a lot help the Hardy’s win their case.

A user on Reddit, who was later backed up by Brian Alverez, reported that WWE might have found a loophole in the legal proceedings, as #TNA used the term “Charismatic Enigma” when Jeff was in their company, even though it was WWF/WWE owned.

WWE is trying to make a case that TNA profited off of a WWE registered trademark and might countersue, in order to get the case thrown out, thus giving the Matt and Jeff full rights to the entire “Broken Universe.”

Source: THE SpoTLight

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