John Morrison Comments On Whether This Will Be The Undertaker’s Last WrestleMania, If Sting Vs. Taker Will Happen, WWE Return

Apr 2, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Chris Featherstone:

Current Lucha Underground Champion and AAA Mega Champion John Morrison/Johnny Mundo was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to promote his new movie, Boone: The Bounty Hunter, as well as his appearance at the Midnight After Mania event for Wrestle Circus following WrestleMania. Morrison had much to share about his career, as well as thoughts on WrestleMania.

Here are the highlights.

– On if The Undertaker should retire after WrestleMania

“No. My booking thoughts, so to speak, from a booking point of view, would be – if I was booking this [match] – Roman Reigns needs some street cred badly, and it would help him a lot if he could beat Taker. And I would really like to see Taker vs. Cena for the first time at [WrestleMania] next year. From a physical standpoint, I don’t know how he keeps doing it! I’ve wrestled him several times. There was one particular match, Johnny Nitro vs. Taker, I think [in] 2006 overseas at Tribute to the Troops, and he always impressed me with his precision when it comes to striking, his psychology and mastery of the craft when it comes to wrestling, and he knows how to be The Undertaker and knows what the crowds expect from him… I hope he has enough left for another Mania, and then after that, I hope he has enough left for his life. I want to see him wrestle Roman and then wrestle Cena next year… but it should be no one’s decision but his, and I think that’s how it is.”

– On whether Sting vs. Undertaker will ever happen

“No. I want to see Cena vs. Taker. If Taker only had two matches [left], I would want to see Roman [Reigns], and then I would want to see Cena. Roman is already happening, and then I would want to see Cena next year. If it was [up to] me, I would put Sting with like an AJ [Styles] or a Seth Rollins, or a Sami Callihan, or Kevin Owens. You know, someone who can make him look good. Sting can still go, he can still move. But, I remember how much I liked watching HBK vs. Taker, and it was a cool mix of two different styles. And that’s what made the story so [great] in that match. I think that Sting would benefit from the same type of thing.”

– On a potential return to the WWE

“I don’t know. You’re gonna for sure see John Morrison or Johnny Mundo back in pay-per-view style main events before my career is over. Whether that is what Lucha Underground grows into, or Wrestle Kingdom, or Triple Mania, or WrestleMania, I don’t know. Wrestling is a crazy business, and it is hard to predict the future.”

Morrison feels that Raw is too long, WWE does not need to spend 30 percent of the show recapping to fans who saw it already, and the promos are long. However, he is excited to watch WrestleMania, and there is “nothing else like that.”

Full interview here

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