John Cena on Why WrestleMania Will Be Special, Nikki on Their Relationship, More (Videos)

Mar 31, 2017 - by Marc Middleton

Above is video from this week’s “Off The Top Rope” segment on ESPN SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman looking at previous WrestleMania moments.

In the videos below, Coach is joined by John Cena and Nikki Bella as they prepare to face The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday. Coach asks what it’s been like working together this WrestleMania season and Nikki says it’s been a lot of fun for her. Nikki says she has been on cloud nine the whole time because she’s wanted to do a storyline with him for 5 years. Nikki says this is what she does and it’s fun, and she wants to share it with Cena. She mentions wanting to wrestle a match against Cena but a match with him is even better.

Coach jokes about seeing Cena’s romantic moment in the movie “Trainwreck” and asks how it’s been to have to do something similar on WWE TV with Nikki. Cena says it goes to show the strength of Nikki and how they believe in each other. Cena says no one will be able to walk a mile in Nikki’s shoes and no one understands what she goes through every day. Cena mentions people saying Nikki is only where she is because of him. He praises her for dealing with that every day and holding her chin up, keeping a stiff upper lip and going to work to grind. Cena says Nikki does an awesome job at what she does. He recalls her waking up from neck surgery and asking when she will be able to come back. Cena says that shows true dedication to your craft and as far as dedication to the one she loves, Nikki has been there for Cena through everything.

Coach asks about the neck surgery and where Nikki is at today. Nikki says it has been a difficult journey but she’s been blessed because Cena has been at her side the whole time. Nikki says Cena has made her such a better person. She looks back at her career and says she’s done more in the past 5 years because she finally had someone to inspire her and motivate her to be better, to look at who she is inside and then showcase that, to find inner strength. Nikki says she’s always been strong and independent but Cena brought a different type of strength out of her. Nikki believes this journey would have been a lot harder without Cena at her side.

Regarding WrestleMania 33, Cena says he’s looking forward to it because it will be his most memorable WrestleMania moment because it’s not just him out there alone – he gets to bring someone he loves into something he loves. Cena goes on and says this will be a great moment coming out of the trash they’ve went through with The Miz and Maryse. He’s extremely happy that Nikki will get to feel what he feels every night. Cena says Sunday will be very special for him.

Coach asks Cena how he manages his WWE duties and all the other projects, and his relationship. Cena borrows a quote from Dr. James Andrews and lives by it – “Say yes to everything, then figure it out.” Cena says that’s exactly what Nikki does as she’s on three different TV shows and has several other projects going. Cena says it’s just a matter of keeping track of every day. He says it’s very unromantic at time having to schedule time with each other but when they get that time, it’s awesome. Coach asks what is next for the two of them together. Nikki usually likes to plan months ahead but she’s just taking it day-by-day with Cena now, but she just wants that one day at home with her man. Cena says he wants to make it to Sunday, fight alongside the woman he loves and then take her out for a nice dinner, enjoy a good bottle of wine with Nikki and her friends, and make the WrestleMania spectacle exactly what he wants it to be. Cena just wants a good night with Nikki and will then worry about Monday after Sunday.

Cena and Nikki also discuss their favorite WrestleMania moments, Sunday’s match in Orlando, Cena’s love for WWE and more.

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