DDP talks WWE Hall of Fame, Eric Bischoff, Bill Goldberg, and more

Mar 31, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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Josh Modaberi of Cult of Whatever recently interviewed Diamond Dallas
Page, here are a few of the highlights:

On his WWE Hall of Fame induction:

I guess I really summed it all up on the inside of the Hall of Fame
ring, WWE ask for an inscription on the inside of the rings and I just
wrote, “Work ethic equals dreams! DDP”

All of the hard work and not ever listening to all the people who told
me I could never do it. It wasn’t really that I wanted to prove them
wrong as much as it was wanting to prove myself right. When you look
back at my career and the way I got to the Hall of Fame, it started at
WrestleMania VI driving Rhythm and Blues (Honky Tonk Man & Greg
Valentine) down to the ring in a pink Cadillac convertible, that was
my car and the car got the gig not me, I was just a driver.

On Eric Bischoff inducting him:

WWE wanted a couple of names from me because they have certain things
that they’re doing and it’s their TV. I put down five names, guys I
would have loved to induct me because of the relationship we have and
one of those was Eric.

Jake Roberts and Scott Hall were also on the list, along with Steve
Austin and Mick Foley. Any of those guys doing it would have worked
for me, the WWE picked Eric and I thought it was a great pick. Eric
and I go back to the AWA days, I actually met Eric in a bar brawl
fight with each other, we both had quite a bit to drink that night! As
time went on we became close friends.

If Dusty Rhodes was still alive he would have been the guy to induct
me into the WWE Hall of Fame, he knows that and we had actually spoken
about it. He was supposed to induct me into the Cauliflower Alley Club
which is a big deal for us as well, of course the top of everything is
the WWE and Dusty was going to do that and he would have done this

On Goldberg:

Goldberg is there at the age of 49-years-old but he hasn’t had a match
yet. A bit like Takers slot, Goldberg is going to deliver for that one
match at WrestleMania against Brock. As soon as a saw the finish of
their first match at Survivor Series I knew that everything was
building to this match at WrestleMania. As far as I’m concerned it is
awesome booking, some people may not like it but then they don’t
really understand wrestling because that match was not a Royal Rumble
match or Backlash, there was only one place that match was ever going
to take place and that’s at WrestleMania. They have done a tremendous
job building the match and Brock has done an amazing job with the
business, Brock kills guys, that’s what he does but he has built

Brock v Goldberg is the match I’m most looking forward to at this
years WrestleMania. I’m hoping that Bill can be the athlete that he is
and I hope that he doesn’t get hurt out there with the beast. For me
Brock Lesnar is as tough as it gets from A to Z.

All WCW will be loving this match, that is how Goldberg should’ve been
brought into his original WWE run, that is how we all should’ve been
brought into the WWE from WCW.

The full interview can be read here

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