Backstage Talk on Recent Issues Building Between JBL and Mauro Ranallo

Mar 30, 2017 - by Marc Middleton

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted, Mauro Ranallo missed his third straight of WWE SmackDown commentary this week due to his battle with depression and the bipolar disorders he’s fought since he was a teenager, something he’s often spoke publicly about. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter points to the timing of Mauro’s absence and the public verbal jabs with SmackDown partner JBL. The two had often traded shots and JBL even blocked Mauro on Twitter back in December.

The March 13th episode of “Bring It To The Table” on the WWE Network played a part in all of this as JBL ranted on Mauro during that show. JBL apparently got mad when Mauro tweeted the results of the Wrestling Observer Announcer of the Year Awards, which Mauro won, and commented on how he was honored to have won the award two years in a row. The results list featured the top 10 placements for that category, which JBL not making the top 10. People close to the situation said that things between JBL and Mauro had been building to that point. JBL was said to be legitimately very upset about the awards mention and may have said something. Mauro tweeted on March 13th, “Jealousy is one hell of a drug.” He did not indicate that this tweet was for JBL but that’s how it was taken by many. Mauro also re-tweeted several comments that were mocking JBL’s tirade on “Bring It To The Table.”

After Mauro missed his first SmackDown the following day on March 14th in Pittsburgh, JBL took to Twitter and knocked Mauro for missing the show. Then it was believed that Mauro missed SmackDown due to bad weather in the Northeast part of the country but other announcers, such as Taz and Josh Mathews, were skeptical. JBL tweeted, “I made the show, everyone made the show, everyone. Maybe he shouldn’t have bashed me if he wasn’t going to show up.” JBL later deleted the tweet and hasn’t commented on Mauro since. JBL’s rants were seen as mean spirited, even if he was being in-character.

Mauro thanked fans on Twitter today and noted that he was getting stronger but as noted, it appears he will miss WrestleMania 33. The Observer reports that Mauro has only been in touch with his closest friends like Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock. Those close to Mauro have said that he’s getting stronger and recovering. Rutten, who also co-hosts a podcast with Mauro, has made hints at and outright told people his feelings towards JBL. Rutten mentioned JBL in tweets made after Mauro missed the first SmackDown episode:

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