Broken Matt and Broken Nero reincarnate TNA Tag Team Titles

Mar 29, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

In a 90 second video released on YouTube, Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero reincarnated the obsolete TNA Tag Team titles in the lake of reincarnation, transforming them into their own custom-made tag team belts. Matt talked about the “unappreciative, ungrateful, evil, awful Anthem owl men” for how they treated the brothers on their exodus from Impact Wrestling. “And for anyone at Impact Wrestling who dares challenges our broken brilliance, this is our answer for you…delete, delete, delete!” In the meantime, the WWE Twitter accounts have been teasing something with the Hardys, using the words broken, wonderful, and other words that Matt Hardy usually says in his broken gimmick when replying to fans about the Hardys or when posting old videos of the two. Matt also interacted with these accounts this past week, adding more fuel to the fire.

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