3/29/17 NXT Recap: Wilder/Gargano/Akam Triple Threat, Heavy Machinery Debut, Ohno/Samson Loser Leaves NXT Main Event

Mar 29, 2017 - by Michael Riba

We see the usual NXT opening video and then go into the CFE Arena in Orlando, Florida, where Tom Phillips, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Phillips reminds us of the Loser Leaves NXT Match between Kassius Ohno and Elias Samson, which will be tonight’s main event.

Match #1 – Triple Threat Match: Johnny Gargano (w/Tommaso Ciampa) vs. Dash Wilder (w/Scott Dawson) vs. Akam (w/Rezar and Paul Ellering)
Akam backs Wilder into the corner and Gargano jumps on Akam’s back. Akam slams Gargano down to the mat and goes after Wilder again. Gargano and Wilder comes back and double-team Akam. Gargano delivers an enzuiguri and Wilder dropkicks Akam out to the floor. gargano runs the ropes, but Wilder cuts him off. Gargano drops Wilder with a few clotheslines and a kick to the face. Gargano sends Wilder to the corner and charges, but Akam cuts him off and drops him to the mat. Akam charges at Wilder in the corner, but Dawson pulls Wilder out of the ring and The Revival walks up the ramp as we head to a break.
We’re back and Akam clubs Gargano across the chest. The Revival have left ringside. Akam drops an elbow on Gargano and then applies a Torture Rack-like submission. Gargano fights out and delivers an elbow to Akam. Gargano kicks Akam in the face and goes for a cross-body, but Akam catches him. Gargano gets free and tries to take Akam down with more cross-bodies. Gargano spears Akam through the ropes and goes for the cover, but Akam kicks out at two. Gargano chops and punches Akam in the corner and then backs away. Gargano charges, but Akam counters with a boot to Gargano’s face. Akam picks Gargano up, but Gargano counters and superkicks Akam twice. Gargano goes to the corner and delivers a third superkick and goes for the pin fall, but Rezar pulls Gargano out of the ring. Ciampa goes after Rezar, but Akam knocks Ciampa back down to the floor. Akam grabs Gargano, but Gargano kicks him in the face. Gargano goes for the DDT, but Akam catches him and slams him face-first into the turnbuckle. Akam picks Gargano up and delivers a big power bomb. Dawson rushes back and grabs Akam’s leg and Wilder rushes into the ring and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Dash Wilder.

We see that we will take a look at the NXT Women’s Championship Match between Asuka and Ember Moon that will take place at NXT TakeOver: Orlando this Saturday later on during the broadcast. We then see that Heavy Machinery will make their “official” debut up next.

We see another “Fade to Blake” vignette for Alesiter Black, who will make his NXT debut this Saturday at NXT TakeOver: Orlando against Andrade “Cien” Almas.

We are reminded that “Come and Get It” by I Prevail will be one of the official theme songs for NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic) vs. Jonathan Ortegan and Mike Marshall
Knight and Ortegan start the match. Knight takes Ortegan down with a hip-toss and then applies a bear-hug. Dozovic tags in and Knight tosses Ortegan into his arms and Dozovic applies a bear-hug as well. Ortegan flips out, but Dozovic grabs him and tosses him across the ring. Marshall gets tagged in and Dozovic drags him into the ring. Knight tags in and he and Dozovic drop Marshall with a double shoulder tackle and then squash him. They do the same to Ortegan and then chest bump to celebrate. Knight drops Ortegan with a right hand and Marshall attacks Knight from behind. Ortegan tags in and they double-team Knight. Knight comes right back and drops them both with a clothesline and tags in Dozovic. Dozovic drops both men with right hands and clotheslines. Dozovic drops an elbow on Ortegan and the squashes Ortegan in the corner. Dozovic takes Ortegan down with a belly-to-belly suplex and goes for the cover, but Marshall breaks it up. Dozovic sends Marshall to the floor and Knight tags in. They squash Ortegan in the middle of the ring and Knights gets the pin fall.
Winners: Heavy Machinery.

We join William Regal, Asuka, and Ember Moon in Regal’s office for the official contract signing for the match this Saturday. Ember says Asuka has let her success get to her head. Ember says as much as Asuka wants to become the greatest champion in NXT history, her own fate is to dethrone her. Asuka says Ember is not ready. They stand up and stare each other down as Ember says she has been ready for a long time. Asuka laughs, grabs her title, and walks away. Regal tells Ember good luck to end the segment.

Watson reminds us of tonight’s main event: a Loser Leaves NXT Match between Kassius Ohno and Elias Samson. Phillips informs us we will take a look at the NXT Championship Match between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura, which will take place this Saturday night at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

We are reminded that “Shock Me” by Baroness will be one of the official theme songs for NXT TakeOver: Orlando. We then take an exclusive look at the feud between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura.

We are reminded that The Authors of Pain will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against The Revival and #DIY in a Triple Threat Elimination Match this Saturday at NXT TakeOver: Orlando. We go backstage with The Authors and Paul Ellering. Ellering says the Authors come from the natural law of survival of the fittest. Ellering says #DIY believes in fairy tales and welcome them to the Authors’ yellow brick road to hell. Ellering says he knows great tag team wrestling and mocks The Revival. He says their fate is in the Authors hands.

We see that the Loser Leaves NXT Match between Kassius Ohno and Elias Samson is up next.

We are reminded that “Loud” by Motionless in White is one of the official theme songs for NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

We see that SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, and Nikki Cross) will take on the team of Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, and Ruby Riot in an Eight-Person Tag Team Match at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

Match #3 – Loser Leaves NXT Match: Kassius Ohno vs. Elias Samson
They tie up and Samson goes for the quick roll-up, but Ohno kicks out quickly. Ohno goes for a roll-up of his own, but Samson kicks out as well. They tie up again and Samson applies a side-headlock. Ohno gets free and applies a wrist-lock, but Samson punches Ohno in the face. Samson sends Ohno off the ropes, but Ohno counters with a shoulder tackle. Ohno goes for a cover, but Samson kicks out. Ohno drops down onto Samson and goes for the cover, but Samson kicks out again and rolls to the floor. Ohno goes through the ropes and connects with a boot to the face. Ohno chops Samson and tosses him back into the ring. Ohno charges, but Samson moves and Ohno hits th ring post and rolls to the floor as we head to a break.
We’re back and Samson is driving his knees into Ohno’s midsection in the corner. Samson slams Ohno down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Ohno kicks out at two. Samson stomps away on Ohno and then applies a cross-face down on the mat. Ohno tries to get to the ropes, but Samson rolls over and pulls Ohno away from the ropes. Samson keeps the cross-face applied, but Ohno eventually makes it to the ropes. Samson connects with a right hand, but Ohno comes back with one of his own. They exchange right hands and Ohno comes off the ropes, but Samson delivers a big clothesline. Samson goes for the cover, but Ohno kicks out at two. Samson takes Ohno to the corner and goes to kick him in the face, but Ohno counters and a jumping knee strike to Samson’s face. Ohno drops Samson with a big boot and goes for the cover, but Samson kicks out at two. Samson comes back with a back-slide and almost gets the cover, but the referee sees his feet on the ropes at two. Samson drops Ohno with a neck-breaker and goes for another cover, but Ohno kicks out at two. Samson rolls Ohno up again, but Ohno kicks out at two again. Ohno comes back with a rolling elbow out of the nowhere and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kassius Ohno.
After the match, Ohno waves goodbye as the crowd sings “Goodbye” to Samson. The crowd then chants “drift away” as referees try to get Samson to leave the ring. Security guards surround the ring and he leaves the ring, but security surround him and force him backstage. He tells them to give him his guitar and he will leave. Ohno has the guitar in the ring and stomps on it. Security takes Samson to the back as Ohno celebrates his victory as NXT comes to a close.

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