Triple H says he doesn’t know what Braun Strowman’s Wrestlemania plans are

Mar 27, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

In a recent interview with Triple H, he was asked what to look forward to for Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania 33. Here is what triple h had to say:

“You know, i’m not 100% sure exactly the plan. Vince has been laying out a lot of this and I haven’t been around for a lot of this because we’ve been running around in different directions with all these other projects. I haven’t had that exact conversation with him yet. But he’s got a lot of stuff behind him, I can’t imagine that he’s just going to let that fall off and surely there are big plans for him on the other side, I know that.”

While talking about Strowman, Triple H mentioned a conversation he had in which a frustrated Vince talked to him about Strowman.

“He’d probably been with us about a month on the main roster, he’d done something in the ring Vince had just told him about, and had me talk to him about.. and he did it again so Vince looks at me like ‘What is the matter with this guy? Like, I don’t get it- is he gonna make it? I don’t understand why he doesn’t get that, what is wrong with him?’ And I look at him and I go ‘Vince, it’s like his 15th match, he doesn’t know what he’s doing he’s lucky he got in the ring today’. He looks right at me and says ‘That’s a really great point’.”

Source: THE SpoTLight

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