Charlotte talks future Ronda Rousey match & end of PPV streak

Mar 21, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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Charlotte guested on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts and talked a potential match with Ronda Rousey, her amazing work relationship with Sasha, the end of her pay-per-view streak and more

How Ronda Rousey May Be Worth a Gimmick Match in the Future

“I’d say get in line sister…I look at it, yeah, I look at it two ways. I think it would be an awesome opportunity, but right now the Women’s Championship is my focus so, women’s wrestling, Ronda you know, is, made great leaps and strides or whatever you want, I mean…basically put UFC, women’s UFC, on the map. So when I’m out of the title picture I’d say like yeah it’d be a fun, I don’t know, gimmick match, or like see, see what we can do…I’d rather be fighting for the Women’s Championship.”

Charlotte and Sasha Work So Well Together They Don’t Even Need to Speak

“For the longest time I just listened because the girls had so much more experience than me. Um, but, like Sasha, we don’t talk, we just know each other’s bodies. Like I know what she does, she knows what I do and we just, if I move a certain way she knows what, um, I’m going for”

The End of Charlotte’s PPV Streak and Dropping the Title to Bayley

“Two ways to look at it. Well when I started people started being like ‘you have a pay-per-view streak going on’, I’m like what?…I was 16-0 which was weird, cause, I, it became 16, it was 16-0 then Cena won the 16 time…I, no I don’t think they put anything…there was no thought put into that…no but I was just, I kept racking up numbers I’m like well you have a pay-per-view streak so because I didn’t really think about it, I didn’t, it was more of a statistic than a story.”

How Charlotte and Becky Joke During Matches

“Or like when Becky and I wrestle, we like joke the whole time. Like sometimes in our come back I’ll make funny noises and she’ll be like ‘why are you doing that?’…those are only at live events cause if they pick that up on one of the cameras on TV I can’t imagine…

Charlotte Discusses the Price of Robes

“I’d be working for a very long time…they’re not ten, but they’re…they’re pretty, they’re about…yes I’m like, hold on I have to have one for every pay per—dang all my money’s going to these robes! But no I really put a lot of money into them but I know I’ll get my investment back one day.”

The Struggles Charlotte’s Brothers had in the Ring

“The other thing as I got older, watching my brothers struggle. I didn’t, I couldn’t stand that. Like it seriously like, I’ll get emotional thinking about it, like watching what my older brother went through in WCW when they’re like ‘oh hey this is Flair’s kid and let’s make some money with this’. And he had no experience, and he was thrown to the wolves…”

“…and then watching my brother, my little brother, not handle the pressure and like live, breathe, watch wrestling nonstop, that’s all he did. He wanted to be my dad. Like I could just remember him sitting on the computer and watching promo after promo after promo and I’m like ‘what are you doing?’ but you know what, he had a dream…now I’m living his dream”

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