April Hunter comments on making sex videos: “THINK”

Mar 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Wrestler, model, and actress April Hunter posted on her Facebook page…

F–king hell, Ladies. Do NOT film yourself in sex acts. Do you know the difference between love and video? Video lasts forever. As much as I have been in front of a camera during my life, I have never allowed that and never will. Anything sexual between consenting adults which doesn’t hurt others is just peachy. Have at it. Be a freaky freak. But THIS can hurt others – and yourself. THINK. Especially if you are in any kind of public eye. Listen to me on this one. BTW, if you are the type of guy to put something like that out there that isnt yours to do so, or you do it after someone has put their trust in you…you, sir, are a cunt.

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