Impact Wrestling Results – 3/16/17 (LAX returns, El Patron vs. EC3)

Mar 17, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

source: Impact Wrestling

Alberto El Patron opens IMPACT! Wrestling to address the controversy concerning last week’s world title match. El Patron says he proved to the fans that he deserves to be the IMPACT! Wrestling world champion but he has been forced to relinquish the title. El Patron calls out Lashley but EC3 comes out instead. EC3 proposes a number one contenders match between himself and El Patron tonight! El Patron says he was already promised a world title rematch against Lashley and declines. EC3 and El Patron exchange insults until a brawl breaks out in the IMPACT! Zone. El Patron accepts EC3’s challenge and the match will happen later tonight!

A meeting is going on backstage about the status of the world tag team titles! Bruce Prichard says he’s going to handle it.

Eli Drake & Tyrus vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr

Garza sends Drake to the outside and Laredo follows up with a big Moonsault from the top rope!

Drake hits his signature elbow drop on Laredo for a near fall.

Drake charges at Garza but he ducks at the last second, causing him to hit Tyrus instead!

Drake hits the reverse Skylord Slam on Garza, followed by the Celtic cross on Laredo. Garza rolls up Drake out of nowhere to pick up the win for his team!

Kayci Quinn vs. Brandi Rhodes

Before the match can begin, Cody comes to the ring with his Global Force Wrestling Nex-Gen Championship! Cody says this match isn’t going to happen because IMPACT! Wrestling won’t be pimping the Rhodes family name any longer! Cody offers Kayci 45 dollars to leave but she declines. Cody criticizes Moose for running from him and lays out a challenge for his Impact Grand Championship!

Back from commercial, we see Knockouts Champion Rosemary attacking Kayci Quinn. Rosemary lays her out with the Red Wedding.

Ethan Carter III vs. Alberto El Patron

They brawl outside to start the match as EC3 and El Patron take turns throwing each other into the steel ring posts!

Perched on the top rope, El Patron locks in the Cross Armbreaker but the referee breaks it up.

EC3 begins to build momentum by hitting El Patron with a big flapjack! EC3 attempts the One Percenter but El Patron counters. EC3 launches El Patron over the top and he crashes to the floor below!

Things get extreme as EC3 repeatedly drives El Patron’s head into the announce table.

El Patron hits EC3 with an Enzuigiri on the apron to even things up once again.

El Patron continues to target EC3’s shoulder by hitting him a single arm DDT!

EC3 hits El Patron with back to back TK3’s but doesn’t go for the pin! Instead, he goes outside to grab a steel chair. EC3 thinks twice about using it but El Patron takes advantage and submits EC3 with the Cross Armbreaker to win!

After the match, El Patron pays respect to EC3 as a competitor. El Patron tells EC3 he gave him one of the best matches of his career. They shake hands as the fans give them a round of applause.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Luster and Adam, otherwise known as Reno Scum. They say they’re the perfect combination of athleticism and violence.

We see EC3 freaking out backstage about his loss to Alberto El Patron. Bruce Prichard attempts to calm him down.

Trevor Lee w/ Gregory Shane Helms (c) vs. Suicide vs. Andrew Everett vs. Braxton Sutter w/ Allie – X-Division Championship

Suicide returns to IMPACT! Wrestling and the first man to score a pinfall in this match will be the X-Divsion champion!

Suicide hits his signature “Suicide” dive on Lee and Sutter on the outside! Everett follows up with a springboard Moonsault, taking out everybody!

Lee hits Everett with a flying forearm on the apron, followed by the running knees to Suicide for a near fall.

Sutter hits Lee with a Powerslam and Everett with a Spinebuster but Suicide catches him with a dropkick from the top rope!

There’s a huge tower of doom as everyone crashes and burns!

Laurel Van Ness appears in the crowd, still in her wedding dress, and attacks Allie at ringside! Sutter saves Allie from the attack but gets caught with a running knee from Lee on his way back into the ring. Lee pins Sutter to retain the X-Division championship.

After the match, Sienna comes out and suggests Braxton Sutter and Allie aren’t going to live happily ever after!

Bruce Prichard is in the ring to address the tag team title situation! He says that even though Decay somehow ended up with the IMPACT! Wrestling tag titles, they are not the champions! Bruce announces new champions will be crowned in two weeks on IMPACT! Wrestling. Decay. Reno Scum, Garza Jr and Laredo Kid interrupt and all lay claim to the tag team championships! A huge brawl breaks out as Abyss chokeslams Luster of Reno Scum! Then, some familiar music hits and none other than LAX, lead by Konnan, make their return to IMPACT! Wrestling. Homicide hits Crazzy Steve with the Gringo Killer as LAX stands tall to end the show!

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