The real reason why Kane is missing from WWE programming

Mar 13, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

An excerpt from a Sportskeeda report on the absence of Kane from WWE TV…

The truth about Kane’s absence from WWE certainly isn’t as exciting and controversial as other WWE absentees, with Glen Jacobs being one of WWE’s most clean cut and well-liked individuals. Jacobs has simply been granted time off. The time off was at his own request.

He requested the time off to run for the Knox County mayoral seat in 2018 and to work on his insurance agency business, The Jacobs Agency. Jacobs set up and runs the business with his Wife. They offer auto, home, motorcycle, RV, boat, life and commercial insurance, as well as retirement planning.

WWE are happy with giving him time off as they are obligated to pay him a lot when he’s booked, as, through years of loyalty to WWE, he has a very high paying contract. Kane himself requested the time off, so he is obviously content with not working, as he has other things to focus on.

In addition to that, Kane has many millions tucked away and his current downside guarantee is among the top 10 in WWE anyway. Through years of loyalty, often working in the main event position, Kane has benefited from multiple lucrative contract extensions. Kane has been with WWE since 1995, when he initially played Jerry Lawler’s crazy dentist, Dr Isaac Yankem.

Kane’s current deal, which is $905,000 per year downside with first class travel and accommodation, is set to expire at some point next year. With his age and outside interests, it’s quite likely that his current deal may be his last and his retirement and Hall of Fame induction won’t be too far off.

(thanks to Aniruddha Mishra)

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