Impact Wrestling to sue cable providers?

Mar 11, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Reby Hardy posted another update on the Hardys/Impact Wrestling legal situation with the following remarks:

“UPDATE: TNA sending ‘spooky’ letters to cable providers threatening to sue if they air Hardys. Trying to screw ROH & ruin wrestling for fans. Hardys just EXISTING & providing for our family, mind you. I think they believe they own our birth certificates at this point… TNA trying to ruin wrestling for all fans out of spite, but CONTRACTS ARE UP. *YOU* let them expire, REMEMBER ? You don’t own these boys ! Irony is, Matt’s contract did not include exclusivity; could have legally appeared on ANY televised program WHILE UNDER TNA CONTRACT.

Don’t ever want to hear anyone talk about “burning bridges” when this move, which f***s ROH & cable providers, leaves the most ashes behind. TNA would rather destroy biz relationships with ROH & cable providers for the sake of trying to fck the Hardys. Think about that ! Who is going to want to work with you now ? I mean, with the exception of GFW guys coming to IMPACT tapings for $20 towards greyhound fare..”

DISH pulled the ROH 15th Anniverary show last night and offered refunds to their satellite subscribers who pre-ordered the show.

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