Ed Nordholm “thanks” Matt Hardy, then credits others for Broken gimmick

Mar 11, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Just before issuing the cease and desist letter to the Hardys, the Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Ed Nordholm tweeted a “thank you” to Matt Hardy. “We thank @matthardybrand for a superb performance in Broken Universe. May the seven deities guide with their Broken Brilliance left behind,” Nordholm wrote. When Matt actually replied to the tweet, noting many other valiant men and women are still fighting the “great war” and to soldier on, Nordholm replied saying that the Broken Universe “will always be here,” perhaps a hint of the cease and desist letter that was being delivered to the Hardys. Nordholm, who is now the main man behind Impact Wrestling, then had a parting shot at Hardy, by giving credit to the creative team of Jeremy Borash, Dave Lagana, and Billy Corgan for their vision behind the Broken Universe gimmick.

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