Pete Gas tells a gross Jeff Hardy Story

Mar 10, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

In a recent interview with The Memorabilia Guy, former Mean Street Posse member Pete Gas recalled a sickening story from the road involving Jeff Hardy:

“In these interviews for the book I seem to be getting sked a lot about a specific time when I was trying to lose weight because I wasn’t built like a wrestler, I was built like an offense lineman for football. I had to lose some weight, so I was dieting and we had a few nights in a row when we were working and we had two more shows to do and we decided we were going to eat fattening that night, and after eating we were feeling kind of crappy and I leaned over Rodney and said “I’m gonna go and throw this stuff up, I’m not gonna keep this in my stomach. I feel kind of guilty about cheating on my diet.” So Rodney, always being the one to go along with the crowd said he would do the same thing and Joey Abs did the same thing.

So we go outside to throw up, and we decide we’re gonna throw up on our car hood. So we go and throw up on the hood, and we’re laughing, and all of a sudden out come the rest of the guys we were with, which was the Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Prince Albert and Val Venis. So we were all in the parking lot and Jeff (Hardy) walks over and says “What are you guys doing?” and we explained what we were doing so he stuck his finger in Joey Abs’ throw-up and tasted it. That caused a chain reaction of guys who we were with throwing up.

So Christian runs over to the bushes and he’s hurling his meal he just ate, and we were just laughing our asses off cause we just wanted to see, of the piles of throw-up, whose pile would last the longest once we hit the highway and whose would fall off. So we start driving down the highway and we’re laughing cause we can see the piles jiggling cause it’s not aero-dynamic and they’re all getting ready to splatter. All of a sudden, at once, all three of them completely covered our windshield, our hood, the sides – it was disgusting!

Rodney’s driving and he’s hitting the wipers. I’m in the backseat and all of a sudden we look and there’s a cop behind us, pulling us over. So he pulls us over, and we were laughing cause Rodney was kind of swaying in and out in traffic. I rolled the window down in the back and there’s throw-up dripping from the top of the roof and I said “Officer you’re not gonna believe this. We wrestle for WWF and we’re bad guys.” And I said – “Could you believe the crowd hates us so much that they actually threw up on our car! And there’s no place to get it washed at this hour!” So the guy felt bad for us and let us go. The next day we went off to Columbus, Ohio, and we couldn’t pull into the parking lot and risk having Vince seeing our car with all this throw-up so we had to go to a car wash in the freezing cold, with three assholes scrubbing a car we’ve threw up on. But we laughed about it and had a good time with it. It’s one of those stories that sticks with you for a long time.”

source: THE SpOTLight

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