“Now thats how you make a DELIGHTFUL impact”

Mar 5, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

It was not just the Hardys who showed up at the eventful Ring of Honor event last night in Manhattan as former TNA champion Bully Ray also showed up after the main event. After saving Bobby Fish from a Bullet Club attack, Bully Ray took the mic to address the lively crowd in New York. “Not only is this building is very special to me, but this city is very special to me. This is where I’m from,” Ray told the fans. He said that for the past few weeks he has been sitting at home with a couple of different offers that came his way. The fans once again started a “f*ck TNA” chant and Ray responded saying that that’s the reason why he didn’t take their offer! “There was another offer on the table…and then there was a Ring of Honor offer on the table,” he added. Ray compared ROH with another company that is very special to him and said that he’s never been to an ROH show before and decided to come over and check it out. Ray said that he doesn’t want to come to ROH to be a tag team champion, or a world heavyweight champion, or steal money from the company, or even take a spot from someone else like many other wrestling veterans. “If I came to ROH it’s because I genuinely want to,” Ray said, also adding that when he retires he wants to be able to say he wrestled in Ring of Honor. He then called out ROH COO Joe Koff, but Koff did not show up in the ring. “Do you know who I am? I’m Bully Ray and as of right now, I’m in Ring of Honor!

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