Reby Hardy explains what happened with Hardys TNA deal

Mar 4, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Reby Hardy, the wife of Matt Hardy, told FOX Sports that TNA changed the terms of their contract after a deal was agreed back in December. “We even had some of the Anthem guys come to our house. Matt came with a number, they countered and Matt was fine with it. All the financial details were good…for sure we had a deal,” she said. However, Reby said TNA didn’t get back to them for weeks and they noticed something was up. Her husband told her that it looks like that they don’t matter for TNA so why go work with them again? When the official paperwork came through, Reby said that the one-year deal was changed to two and there was a 10% management fee that TNA would get for anything that Hardy would do outside the company. “When we showed the finalized contract to our lawyer…our lawyer was kind of dumbfounded,” she added. Despite not agreeing to sign a new deal, both Matt and Jeff told the company that they would be willing to come in and drop the titles to anyone. “And the response he got was, ‘You’ve got to be delusional if you are coming without a contract.’” Reby recounted. Instead, TNA offered to send someone to their house to pick up the TNA Tag Team titles, an offer which was refused. “I would melt them down and turn them into hoop earrings,” she said, “and show up wearing them at another show!” Now the hottest free agents on the market, Reby still pushes away from a full-time deal with anyone. “As the head of the house, I would not want that. I want this kid to know who their dad is. That is not what either of us want for the family.”

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