Report/spoiler notes: Alberto El Patron’s deal finalized on Wednesday, creative direction, Konnan

Mar 3, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

– Alberto El Patron’s Impact Wrestling deal was reportedly finalized on Wednesday. Essentially, El Patron assumed the planned role for Drew Galloway, who announced his departure from the company on Sunday. Look for the controversy surrounding Patron’s Impact Wrestling title victory to be addressed at tonight’s television taping.

– Impact Wrestling’s new president Ed Nordholm met with talent to inform them about the company’s UK television deal with Spike in what was called a very positive meeting.

– Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel are now in charge of the creative direction of the promotion. Jarrett and Mantel are going to take a old school approach in the creative direction.

– Konnan was not backstage last night but he is reportedly in Orlando and expected to appear on camera tonight, and LAX is expected to return in some form. Homicide is expected back this week, but Hernandez is not.

(credit: PWInsider)

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