Drew Galloway discusses TNA Departure

Mar 1, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Drew Galloway revealed that the reason he turned down the TNA contract was because they waited until the last second to offer him the deal. “They came to me last week with an offer and it was very very good one, one of the best in the company and a position as top guy but the reality is that because they waited until the last second I had to turn it down,” Galloway told The Scottish Sun newspaper. Galloway said that if this was presented to him three weeks ago, he would have signed the deal but the last minute offer made him think about back-up plans and family because it went to the wire. “I was surprised I got no heads-up beforehand and when they got in touch last week they wouldn’t accept no for an answer and the financial offer was great so it was a very hard decision to make,” he said. The former TNA champion credits WWE for putting his name on the map and opportunities came after he was released because WWE built his name and he made the most of it. “My wife and I live in Florida and got a house here last year. It’s the first big thing I’ve ever owned and I can afford it because I’ve been wrestling all over the world for the last two years,” he added. He noted that it’s the first time in 10 years apart from the month after leaving WWE that he’s not under a major contract. He said that when he was 21 years old, his dream was to go to WWE, but these days it’s all business.

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