Backstage Updates on The Hardys Leaving TNA, Reby Sky Rips the Company on Twitter, More

Mar 1, 2017 - by Marc Middleton

As noted, current TNA Tag Team Champions The Hardys are done with the company after their deals expired. Matt Hardy confirmed the departure on Twitter. Word is that the brothers were unhappy with some of the language of the new TNA contracts, and with the rushed nature of re-signing.

We also noted that the brothers offered to work this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando to drop the titles. Matt’s wife Reby Sky, who is also finished with the company, appeared on Busted Open Radio this week and according to a tweet from the show, The Hardys wanted to do the right thing and drop the titles on TV this week but TNA parent company Anthem denied them.

Reby said, “The rumors are true. We didn’t get the contracts until 5 days before. That was a note of contention for Matt and Jeff. … It got to the point where it was coming down to the wire, and it was almost like we were being bullied into signing them. … It’s something that guys like Matt and Jeff who have been in the business forever have never had to deal with [contracts].”

In regards to possibly saving the situation and staying with TNA, Reby said, “It’s too late for that. It literally is the 11th hour. It’s over at midnight tonight, that’s it.”

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that there’s confusion over who owns the “Broken” gimmick. Sources close to Hardy report that Matt’s last deal with TNA reportedly gave him the ability to profit off anything already filmed that had to do with any gimmick he used while signed to the company, but once that period is over then he retains ownership of his name and characters. However, TNA sources claim that his current deal specifically states that their company owns all IP creations. Regarding the “Broken” gimmick, Reby said, “Matt is in love with his Broken Universe. He’s not giving that up any time soon, I can confirm that. It’s his baby.”

Regarding contract negotiations, PW Sheet also reports that the brothers had agreed to terms on a new deal back in December 2016 but they needed a few changes made. The deals, supposed to be for 1 year, never came and the Hardys were consistently given the run-around when checking in with the company. A lawyer representing the Hardys soon told TNA officials that the brothers wanted a creative clause included in the new deals. This was shot down immediately and a source reported to PW Sheet that the lawyer told Anthem’s Ed Nordholm that there was interest from other wrestling promotions. Nordholm reportedly responded, “Well, tell them to go to WWE then.”

The comment about WWE reportedly set Jeff off. He no longer was interested in staying with TNA but Matt continued the talks. A new deal arrived last week but it was for 2 years and had terms that had been “snuck in” and stated that the company would receive 10% of all profits Matt made outside of TNA. PW Sheet adds that Matt’s lawyer told him he would be a fool to sign. He then informed TNA that he wasn’t interested in re-signing but would still come to this week’s tapings to write off his character. Matt was reportedly told that he was crazy to think they would want him on TV without a contract. No word yet on what will happen to the titles but PW Sheet says officials are currently trying to get them back.

Reby also took to Twitter and had some interesting comments about the company this week. She wrote:

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