Source: Matt and Jeff Hardy not re-signing with TNA

Feb 27, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

On the heels of the departure of former TNA world champion Drew Galloway, Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy also appear to be finished with Impact Wrestling. We noted earlier that the Hardy Boyz contracts with TNA are set to expire this week, believed to be on Wednesday. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the brothers have decided against re-signing with Impact Wrestling, having felt disrespected during recent contractual talks. Apparently, the Hardys agreed to a new one-year deal in December, but waited on management to iron out a few changes they requested to be made. In last several weeks, the boys awaited an update, but felt they were simply getting the run around from the company.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the Hardy Boyz eventually requested creative contract, which was rejected. Jeff reportedly lost interest in re-signing with Impact Wrestling, despite Matt continuing talks, but the final straw appears to be TNA’s request to receive 10% of all his profits outside of TNA.

Sounds like TNA is attempting to get their tag titles back.

On an interesting side note, Galloway’s decision to leave TNA is that everybody had known his contract was expiring in February 2017 for a long time but that nobody bothered to contact him to work out a renewal until a couple weeks ago, reports PWInsdier.

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