WWE announcer allegedly caught in online affair

Feb 25, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Smackdown commentator Tom Phillips might be in hot water after an Instagram user published his dirty messages for the whole world to read. Phillips sent this user who goes by the name of ‘missythetattooedgirl’ a selfie from his airplane seat and a message that reads, “I’m in my seat with a massive erection. And a 4 hours flight ahead. I’m going to face f**k the shit out of you.” Unfortunately for Phillips, the Instagram user found out through her friends that he is engaged and she ripped him a new one. “This is why I don’t trust people. Without my friends I never would’ve known that a high profile WWE commentator who was talking to me and wanted to get together, is engaged,” she wrote. “I had zero idea and I couldn’t be more sorry to the girl involved. You deserve better than this. Apparently nobody is faithful anymore.” The user then tagged the post with the hashtags #wwe, #smackdown, #tomphillips, #nxt, and #wrestling. Phillips’ Instagram and Twitter were then set to private, restricting the viewing of the profile for those only who follow him.

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