Former WWE superstar: “K9 victimized many innocent folks”

Feb 23, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Sean “Val Venis” Morley posted the following on his Facebook page:

Ok, so I kind of went off last night at the “RIP” posts about Johnny K9. Maybe I should have kept my opinion to myself. I met Johnny when I first broke into the wrestling business. Heard the stories of his criminal activity and just chopped it up as “makes for a good story.” Al Snow and I used to parrot some of the K9 sayings for fun like when K9 would say funny stuff like “too thin, stick a needle in the skin” and “BREAK THE BENCH!”

Yes, K9 provided lots of material for folks to have a laugh over. K9 was a powerhouse who possessed charisma and ability to really make something of himself in the Wrestling business. The sad part to all this was K9 choosing to engage in a life of crime. K9 victimized many innocent folks along his life path. Some victims lives will never be whole again because of K9.

I used to respect k9 when I first me him. No longer. Respect from the wrestling community must be earned. And make no mistake about it, respect can be just as easily lost. K9 himself decided to seek respect from the criminal element in society instead of the wrestling community. As much as I could easily post “RIP K9”, I will pass on this one.

Am I being too harsh? What are your thoughts?

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