DX member comments on negativity

Feb 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Former DX member Road Dogg posted the following on his Facebook page:

So I love wrestling fans, I do not, however, care much for the negativity of the “smart mark” or the “Hardcore fan” and there is a difference. .5% of the viewing audience takes to social media to reply/ comment and “join the conversation”. That’s half of 1 % of viewers so when we say the vocal minority, we really mean minority. It seems that they’re always negative and even when their faves aren’t perfect they’re quick to pounce. If passion for the business is all of our common ground, that’s a positive. If you and I both LOVE wrestling, lets acknowledge that positive. Positivity is the key to happiness so what are we doing? Let’s be honest, you and I are going to watch the shows, if you’re a fan and don’t have the network, I question your fandom because of all the great content and old footage of great wrestling. Why do we spoil it for ourselves with the negative replies and responses? Smile and love wrestling. #OUDK

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