Should WWE pick up the bill for former star’s funeral bills?

Feb 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

RF Video’s Rob Feinstein posted the following on his Facebook page:

I been reading posts where people are mad at Vince McMahon for not paying for wrestlers funerals or they are mad that Vince is not paying for wrestlers surgeries making the boys start their gofund me accounts. We are talking about grown men that made it on WWE TV and they all knew what bumping does to the body. Most wrestlers who made it to the big game got paid a ton of money. It’s not Vince or the WWE’s responsibility to manage anyone’s money. It is not the WWE or Vinces responsibility to pay for anyone’s surgeries after they are out of the company decades later. I can understand if you get hurt in the WWE ring while you are working for the company than yes, they should pay because you got hurt on the job. But because a wrestler did not manage his funds properly for when he retired and got out of the business, don’t be hot because you think Vince needs to pay for these funerals or any surgeries. If you are a smart professional wrestler you would take a percentage of your pay checks and put it on the side for a rainy day, in case you suffer any injuries during your career. I hate reading posts where people say well that wrestler made the WWE so much money, well guess what, the WWE also made that wrestler rich.

Manage your funds properly and don’t spend it like you will always have it. Do you think I am right or wrong? DO you guys know how much some of these guys made in the 80’s and 90’s in the WWE!!!

I read a post today how the WWE should pay for the entire Ivan Koloff GoFund me and that got me hot.

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