Video of Linda McMahon’s swearing in ceremony

Feb 18, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

– The White House has published the video of the swearing-in of Linda McMahon as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration which was done on Tuesday, February 14. Vice President Mike Pence said that Linda and her husband founded Titan Sports in the late 70s and through hard work and sheer determination, they turned their business into a titan of entertainment that millions of Americans know and love and enjoy every day. Vice President Pence said that Linda and her family lived the American dream, and now, President Trump is asking her to help others realize their American dream. He said that both he and the President have absolute confidence that small business America will be better and the best days for small businesses and the economy are ahead. Vince, Shane and Marissa, Stephanie and Triple H were front row during the ceremony as you can see from the video all of them recording and taking photos with their cell phone on this memorable occasion.

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