X-Pac on Nicole Bass: “I always felt bad for people like, you know, her … people always made fun of her”

Feb 17, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

filed to GERWECK.NET:

X-Pac’s initial thoughts on how Nicole Bass passed away

“I was making an assumption that, you know, maybe there were drugs involved and that’s not a good thing to, it’s not a good assumption to make. It’s wrong, you know…It’s a pretty safe guess, like, if you’re gonna, like, take a wild guess about someone in my industry dying. It’s a pretty safe one to make, you know. So, um, and I know, you know, she’s had, she’s struggled the past few years. Her husband died, and she was really, they were, they had a really codependent relationship. She–they really needed each other.”

X-Pac reveals that Chyna didn’t like Nicole

“After she died, Nicole was like very sad…during the time they were both there, Joanie didn’t like her. Because she didn’t like very many of the other women. Especially somebody that comes in with the strong female gimmick. So, no. And there was even, you know, shots back and forth on Twitter and all that before…before Joanie passed away…And then, after Joanie died, Nicole was… Nicole had talked shit about her before she passed, but then when she passed Nicole was…you know… said kind words. But, doesn’t that happen with everyone?”

X-Pac felt bad for Nicole Bass

“I always felt bad for people like, you know, her…people always made fun of her.”

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