Friendship the Magician talks about Raw experience

Feb 14, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Friendship the magician from last night’s Monday Night Raw is James Kelsey, a professional magician in real life from Las Vegas who got the gig through an agent. Speaking to fans on Reddit in a quick AMA, Kelsey described Jericho as “super fun, loose, high energy and ready for a great night,” while Kevin Owens was “fairly quiet and intense, very precise and wanted everything to be perfect.” Kelsey admitted he doesn’t watch WWE regularly but enjoys it when he does, calling the whole experience very fun. He revealed that while he and Jericho talked quite a bit about the segment beforehand, they didn’t rehearse it and he only had a vague outline of what they wanted to accomplish and had no idea how the whole thing was going to pan out. “How could you not help The G.O.A.T in his greatest moment of need?” asked one Reddit user. “Dude! I weigh like 140 pounds. That could’ve been my spouse and I would’ve sat and watched,” Kelsey replied. Kelsey also got the ever-present troll question. “Where you worried that you were going to get a boner in front of so many people?” one Redditor asked. Kelsey had a good reply too! “No, but now I’m going to be next time!

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