Sean Waltman tells crazy story about Chyna turning down Laila Ali fight

Feb 8, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck


Sean Waltman guested on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and talked Chyna, Laila Ali and all things WWE.

Chyna turned down fighting Laila Ali because she knew she would lose

“When Chyna was working for New Japan he was–Inoki was trying to set up a fight between her and Laila Ali…she was his protege. She was Inoki’s protege…she had some grappling skills, but not like that…she knew that it wasn’t a good idea?

When asked if Joanie would have had a shot against Laila, Sean responded:
“No, Come on…Laila Ali was the best female boxer in the world…Joanie knew. She was like that’s–no way. It ain’t happening…She was realistic about it.

X-pac’s thoughts on boxers vs. wrestlers

“Someone’s fighting all their life and then someone picks it up, after, you know, with a years training, it’s just different, man…Before the MMA days if you want to know what happens, look at, ugh, Gene LeBell vs. Milo Savage. That was probably, that was the first. Gene beat him, handily.”

Why Chyna fought Joey Buttafuoco

“She went in there and fought Joey Buttafuoco in that celebrity boxing thing…she did great because he was out there trying to kick the living shit out of her…he was kind of a piece of sh*t…and she had very little training…ya she had no idea what she was doing, her manager talked her into it. You know what she got out of it? Being allowed to be a presenter at the Billboard Music Awards…ya it was bulls**t.”

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