Sonjay Dutt talks never winning X Division title, when X Division went south, brief TNA/GFW angle

Feb 6, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Chris Featherstone:

Former TNA X Division star Sonjay Dutt was a recent guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Dutt, who was a guest trainer last week at the WWE Performance Center, talked about his time in TNA, and the brief partnership with GFW.

Here are the highlights.

The GFW invasion

“It was what it was. It was very rushed. We jam-packed a lot of stuff into a short amount of time. It was definitely a different TNA than what I was used to.”

When the X Division took a turn for the worse

“They stopped featuring and paying attention to it in 2010… I know that [Hogan and Bischoff] didn’t understand what the [X Division] was, or how to present it. Then you couple that in with the fact that they brought in an influx of new talent were big stars and big names. With all that, you’re really not left with much time for the X Division guys.

Why he was never X Division champion

“I don’t know where their heads were at. I know that I didn’t want to sign a contract, so I’m sure that really limited what they would want to do with me. I wasn’t prepared to sign a contract.”

Full interview here

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