Fun Facts from the 2017 Royal Rumble

Jan 31, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

The 2017 Royal Rumble lasted 1 hour, 2 minutes and 6 seconds officially with Y2J Chris Jericho going to distance more than any other Superstar in the Rumble, lasting an hour and 13 seconds in total before getting eliminated by Roman Reigns. Braun Strowman was this year’s “monster,” throwing out seven Superstars – Big Cass, Kalisto, Mojo Rawley, Mark Henry, Big Show, Tye Dillinger, and James Ellsworth – before getting thrown out by Baron Corbin. The Undertaker was in second place with four eliminations, while Goldberg and Brock Lesnar tied with three each. Out of 30 Superstars, only 12 managed to eliminate others, with Jericho, Mark Henry, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Sheamus, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Luke Harper, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Undertaker, and Roman Reigns doing the heavy lifting. Notable eliminations included Corbin throwing out Strowman, The Undertaker eliminating Baron Corbin and Goldberg, Goldberg eliminating Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns eliminating The Undertaker to a chorus of “bulls–t” chants. Goldberg made quick work on Lesnar – again – delivering a spear and then throwing him out. Goldberg and The Undertaker had a face off and eventually the Dead Man threw Goldberg out. The quickest elimination this year went to James Ellsworth, who came in at #11 and was the goofball of the show. Strowman threw him out in spectacular fashion in 15 seconds. Enzo Amore, who came in at #27, also had a quickie, lasting only 18 seconds before flying out thanks to Brock Lesnar. The eventual winner, Randy Orton, came out at #23, lasted 20 minutes and 52 seconds, and only had one elimination…the one that matters the most at the end, eliminating Roman Reigns. There were no surprises this year except for NXT’s Tye Dillinger, who came out in, of course, number 10. The other seven unannounced entries were Jack Gallagher, Kalisto, Mark Henry, Apollo Crews, James Ellsworth, Enzo Amore and Roman Reigns. Meanwhile, while most Superstars walked or ran down the ramp when their number was up, the big guys had an extra hand – or wheels – to help them out. After appearing at the top of the ramp, Superstars such as Braun Strowman, Big Show, and Mark Henry, had a motorized cart to bring them down to the ring, and everything happened off camera.

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