Former WWE superstar: “thank you to Chris Jericho”

Jan 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Former ECW, WCW, and WWE star Vito Lo Grasso posted the following on Facebook:

WRESTLING THOUGHTS …. I wanna start off by saying thank you to Chris Jericho. You always look out for the boys. This week, this man paid for a funeral, and put money in a GO FUND ME for Perry Saturn. Guys in need this man stands up. I appreciate it. Its not the old time Vets no more, its the guys from my ERA. This year just started and I can tell its gonna be a long year to watch. Its sad. Guys in there 30, 40 , and 50s. All dont seem to be in the greatest of health. They scream for help, but there is none to be had. Guys before me, even in worse shape. Today I got upset to watch a Perry Saturn video. I am not a close friend of his, but he is in a brotherhood that we share. Its hard to watch. I know I dont post my problems here, I choose to look at life in a positive way. I suffer from some things and I try to deal with it the best I can. Watching guys go before my time kills me inside. I say, Lord, please not me. I stand for things that are still pending. I hope to God it goes thru. It can give guys help and a possible glimmer of a future. Alot knock what I stand for, but you watch the tapes of these guys. It is true.

If there was a program of benefits in place for the guys who went out and sacrificed, not to just entertain, but to make a living in a business that can be cruel.

When I see guys working on TV and come out and say, I dont have medical insurance and if there is a Doctor who wants to use me for an operation, GO F–K YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF SH-T. Some are 2 faced scum, HEY BROTHER, YOU LOOK GREAT, HOWS THINGS, THEN THEY KNOCK YOU IN FRONT OF THERE BOSS, TO GET OVER. you watch guys in trouble, guys who put you over and you act like a poverty case. I CANT STAND YOU FAKE PHONY BITCHES. NEVER DID. I hope this works out for all and I keep positive every day. For the future of a business I gave more then most. For the boys out there who need help, KEEP YOUR HEADS UP. Again, thank you Chris Jericho for being that guy to help, its better then the people in power who can do more, but choose not to.

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