Cena admits to saying the “stupidest ever” in regards to The Rock

Dec 29, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

John Cena, fresh off his return on Smackdown, appeared on the popular Talking Smack episode after 205 Live ended on the WWE Network with Renee Young and new sidekick JBL. JBL asked Cena if he considers himself in the same role as The Rock when he left WWE to pursue other things and called him a “part timer.” A very honest Cena said that the things he said about The Rock back then were “the stupidest stuff ever” and admitted that he made those comments while “looking at it through very blinded eyes.” He said he really wanted The Rock to come back to WWE and thought that if he hit him where it hurts it would get him back. The plan worked and The Rock eventually returned – part time again – but main evented WrestleMania 28 and 29 with John Cena. The Rock even did the job to Cena, losing the WWE title he won at the Royal Rumble from CM Punk a few months earlier. Cena added that he has apologized to The Rock in person. “I was wrong. He was right. He’s now the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. He has transcended this business and I think anything, anytime a Superstar can give what he’s given to the WWE and then transcend the WWE, then that’s good for all of us. The rivalry between John Cena and The Rock was very real at one point and the two had some nasty promos on Raw targeting each other during their WrestleMania build-up.

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